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Available in: Victoria, South Australia & Queensland
Purlin Bolts
M12 Size PB1230 standard purlin bolt (grade 4.6):
M12 x 30mm with nut
Purlin Bolts
M16 Size PB1645 standard purlin bolt (grade 4.6):
M16 x 45mm with nut
Purlin Bolts
Fascia Bolts
PB1230 fascia bolt (grade 4.6):
M12 x 30mm with nut
Fascia bolts

Apex Building Products offer the Easy Lock ®strut system which is easy to install and has a comprehensive range of components that are adaptable to all practical applications. They are supplied pre-assembled ready to install. For the 300 series purlin a heavy duty bolted system is available.

Easy Lock

General Purpose Bracket
6 holes: 18mm diameter
Cat. No. A B C D E F
GPB100 13 53 66 30 84 115
GBP150 22.5 82.5 105 30 97 125
GBP200 22 132 154 36 109 136
GBP250 20 180 200 36 109 136

General Purpose Bracket
Clamp Plate

Cat. No. A mm
CP100 90
CP150 140
CP200 190
CP250 240

Clamp Plate
Angle Connector

Cat. No. A mm
AC100 90
AC150 140
AC200 190
AC250 240

Angle connector
Raking Girt Bracket
Raking Girt Bracket

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