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At Apex Steel, we’re not just about delivering top-notch steel; we’re committed to overcoming any challenge to ensure it gets to you. One of the key players in our fleet, aptly named “Big Blue,” is crucial for handling some of the toughest and most complex deliveries we undertake.



The Specs: Size and Strength

Big Blue is a brilliant beast of a machine, boasting lengths ranging from 14.5 metres to an impressive 36 metres. These dimensions enable us to transport steel sheets of extraordinary lengths, essential for large-scale construction projects.


Navigating the Roads: Permits and Timing

Transporting such massive loads requires meticulous planning and strict adherence to regulations. For sheets over 21.5 metres, we need a special permit to travel on the road. These permits come with specific travel restrictions to ensure safety and minimise disruption. In Melbourne Metro, Big Blue can only hit the road between midnight and 6 am, while in the country, it travels during daylight hours. This particular load needed to be off the road by 5:00 am, showcasing the precision and coordination involved in our operations.


A Journey of 100,000 Kilometres

Big Blue has already clocked an impressive 100,000 kilometres, demonstrating its reliability and endurance. Among its many journeys, the most challenging delivery was to a chalet at the top of Mount Buller. Navigating the steep and winding roads of the mountain was no small feat, but Big Blue proved its mettle, ensuring the steel arrived safely and on time.


Versatility in Action

While Big Blue is an essential part of our fleet, it’s specifically used for tight access or when transporting sheets over 25 metres long. On average, it embarks on these specialised missions about once a fortnight. Our fleet of trailers, capable of carrying sheets up to 25 metres long, handles the bulk of our deliveries, but when the job demands something extra, Big Blue steps up to the plate.


Looking Ahead

As we continue to expand and take on new challenges, Big Blue will remain a cornerstone of our operations. Its ability to handle extraordinary deliveries ensures that we can meet the needs of our clients, no matter how complex the project. We take pride in our innovative solutions and look forward to many more successful journeys with Big Blue leading the way.


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