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Product available in: Vic, Sa, Qld

Apex Building Products sheetmetal staff are able to hand make Rain Water heads to your exact requirements. Our skilled staff are able to interpret detailed drawings and manufacture complex designs to suit your unique requirements.

Rainwater Heads are available in ZINCALUME®, Galvanised and COLORBOND® finish as well as Stainless Steel and Copper.

When ordering always specify dimensions as Widths (“W”) x Height (“H”) x Depth (“D”)

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Overflow Rainhead Certificate of Compliance

If material is to be used within 1km of salt marine, industrial or corrosive environments please contact our Apex sales staff.

Our products are supported by Bluescope Steel Limited and a full warranty is available.

Apex Building Products can custom cut lengths to your requirements. Due to transport restrictions it is advisable to check with our office the maximum length.

Care should be taken at all times when handling Corrugated. Packs must be kept dry and stored above ground level, should the sheets become wet separate immediately and individually wipe and place in an area to dry.

ZINCALUME® steel sheeting is compatible with most roofing products. It is NOT recommended to use lead flashing/nails, copper or copper alloy materials with or in run-off situations.

Apex Building Products provides this service, however sheets may be cut using a power saw with a metal cutting blade. COLORBOND® steel sheeting must be cut with the coloured surface facing the ground. Ensure that no hot particles or debris come into contact with the COLORBOND® .

To prevent premature corrosion at the completion of each day ensure the sheeting area is cleared of all debris, including nails, rivets, rags and all cutting or drilling filings.

Apex Building Products delivers to site within 1 to 2 days. To prevent any damage we require suitable arrangements to be made for unloading. Unloading by crane, ensure the load is evenly spread, if crane unavailable adequate manpower is required.