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We are so excited to showcase our recent collaboration in the development of the new $49 million South Australian Sports Institute (SASI) headquarters. This state-of-the-art facility not only represents high performance, but also the amazing community spirit in Adelaide.

Design and Inspiration

The SASI headquarters concept, designed by S9 Architects, is inspired by the strength and form of a bicep muscle. The building stretches out to connect with and activate the surrounding areas, linking the Netball SA Stadium and the SA Athletics Stadium with its innovative design.

Construction and Materials

The construction required a significant amount of steel to bring the vision to life, reflecting the durability and flexibility needed for such a high-performance precinct. Our team at Apex Steel provided the vital materials that shaped the building’s dynamic form, including the sweeping bridge that connects the community. This underscores our commitment to excellence and innovative solutions in construction.

Community Impact and Vision

This iconic facility not only cultivates local talent and champions healthy living but also enhances the region’s dynamism. As the proud steel supplier for this landmark initiative, Apex Steel is excited to witness its transformative effect on community engagement and the advancement of sports in South Australia.

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