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When it comes to construction and design, the materials you choose are key. That’s where COLORBOND® steel shines. Known for its top-notch quality and reliability, it’s a standout choice in the industry. Here at Apex Steel Group, we’re more than just suppliers – we’re advocates for the strength and beauty COLORBOND® steel brings to every project.


The Remarkable Quality of COLORBOND® Steel

What makes COLORBOND® steel special? Supported by BlueScope Steel, this material is the result of cutting-edge innovation, designed for both durability and style. It fits right into the Australian landscape, crafted to withstand our unique climate while keeping its colour and strength for years to come. With COLORBOND®, you’re not just choosing steel; you’re opting for a blend of endurance and aesthetics.


Your Go-To COLORBOND® Supplier: Apex Steel Group

Our promise at Apex Steel Group is straightforward: to provide the very best COLORBOND® products. Thanks to our partnership with BlueScope Steel, we ensure that what you’re getting not only meets but exceeds industry standards, all while championing the essence of Australian quality.


Spotting the Real Deal

With over fifty years of research and development in Australia, COLORBOND® steel has set the bar for quality and safety. But how can you be sure you’re getting the real deal? A few quick tips: check for the ink branding on the reverse side of roofing and flashings. Guttering should also have ink branding inside, and remember, real COLORBOND® steel comes wrapped in branded protective material.

If you’re aiming for a project that stands the test of time in both function and form, choosing authentic COLORBOND® steel is a no-brainer. Need more info or ready to make the right choice? The Apex Steel Group is here to help. After all, your project deserves the best, doesn’t it?