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Product available in: Vic

Apex Fascia Purlins are roll-formed from Hi-Tensile Galvanised steel with a
smooth face in lengths from 1200mm to 13000mm. They are primarily used to
provide an economical combination of an eaves purlin and fascia in an all-in-one

The top flange can be rolled to any angle ranging between 84° to 120° for roof
pitches between -6° to 30°. The bottom flange is shaped to prevent the entry
of water and also provide support for fixing of wall sheeting.


There are two commonly used methods when installing the Fascia Purlin, each method depends on the walling connection to
the Fascia Purlin.

Method one: Run cladding to the face of the purlins.
The walling connection connected directly to the Fascia Purlin
face and the gutter connected to the walling.

Method two: Run cladding to the bottom of the purlin.
The walling connection from the bottom of the purlin attached
to the bottom lip of Fascia Purlin which will allow the gutter to
connect directly to the Fascia Purlin.

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Product Information Sheet

Purlin SectionW (mm)TF (mm)TL (mm)BF (mm)BL (mm)Thickness BMT (mm)Section Mass (KG/mm)

MATERIALS: Apex Purlins and Girts are roll-formed from a Galvanised,
high strength, steel strip complying with AS1397.
Minimum yield stress: 450Mpa
Standard base steel thickness: 1.9
Zinc coating of Z350 (350 g/m2 minimum coating mass) is the standard coating
class provided.